Our Story: My Little Angels & Friends started off in 2015 with just four students. Founded by Dorcas Tshuma, who started it from meagre savings and rented a rundown house so that she could ensure basic education for deprived children.  It was set up to provide a stepping stone and a foundation to under privileged children in Bulawayo, with the mission to increase literacy levels within the area and provide access to young boys and girls between the ages of 0-5 years with a firm foundation for the children who would be leaders in the next generation.

Once started, it was encouraging to watch parents return at the end of the day to discuss the day’s achievement with their little ones, and so fulfilling for Dorcas Tshuma to see the seed that she had planted starting to grow. The joy on the children’s faces said it all on how they were enjoying learning, and the parent’s expressions of gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity given to their children. The late founder, Dorcas and her assistant worked tirelessly to reach out to the community, encouraging more parents and guardians, and educating them in the value of early learning from infants, before moving into primary education.

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Before her death in October 2017, when Dorcas sadly lost her life to meningitis, My Little Angels and Friends was supporting 20 children and growing, a few of whom have graduated to the local EMakhandeni Primary School in Bulawayo after qualifying from Grade A to B which gains the children entry into primary education.

Building My Little Angels and Friends

Starting out with a vendor business to make ends meet, Dorcas saved enough money to retrain as a Pre-school teacher. She rented a house, and through minimal help, renting out a couple of stalls and money from her own hard work selling some bags of maize, she made a school of it.  Some would say this is when the story starts and the dream realized.


Dorcas’ Story

Dorcas, a woman with ambition, started her story with a passion for children in need of education but with no means and access to basics. Starting out, Dorcas was to become a teacher finishing her education, marrying and having five (5) children of her own. In 2015 she took a leap of faith and started her dream to give back to under privileged children in a small community.

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Our Mission Statement

With literacy levels in Zimbabwe increasing and the importance of education as a vehicle to a better life, Dorcas committed to provide pre-school education and child development for children within under privileged and orphaned societies, where they are still in a place of disadvantage and with parents not being able to pay for their school fees for basic education. The aim is to reach out to communities and inform parents and guardians on the value of pre-school education.

Continue the Dream

To keep the mission alive and reach out to as many parents and keep early learning education levels on scale in many under privileged areas in Bulawayo and other areas, My Little Angels and Friends and its volunteers want to:

  • Increase outreach to parents in the local area,
  • Supply the school with an additional dedicated teacher who can support learning and development,
  • Improve premises and facilities to make them more child friendly,
  • Supply the school with technology, books, musical instruments, and other educational materials, tables and chairs,
  • adaptation of toilet to facilitate boys and girls,
  • Get a Playground slide and swing

Any other support such as teaching assistant training including parent volunteer activities.

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Fundraising, initially for running costs for the coming year and required adaptations

Volunteering and advice on organizations that can assist

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