The children went on a field trip

Since we started, crowd funding, the money that we have received so far albeit 40%, we now have employed a teacher for the Grade A class; and have been paying the teachers for the past 3 months; enrolled the Teachers’ Assistant into a Bulawayo Teachers’ College to do training on Early Leaning Childhood Education, so that she has the qualifications to cover for other teachers and carry out general admin work for the pre-school.

We also collected some early learning materials and toys which were shipped out end of December in preparation for the beginning of term in January.  These have improved teaching methods and stimulated children who are so excited about learning from the materials which they received.

As the winters in Zimbabwe have turned very cold and long, the general flooring which is cold polished concrete floors, are not suitable for children’s learning environment.  A contribution towards carpeting the floors before the winter sets in, which would keep the children warm. The carpet has been ordered and will be laid before beginning of term in May.

The teachers are doing an excellent job in the day to day running and planning lessons; organising events and activities for the children, who recently took part in a sports day and had to negotiate with another school for sports facilities. They participated in all sorts of races including leg, sack, and egg and spoon race, and running, which they thoroughly enjoyed and felt so much part of the event and the children were very competitive. It wasn’t about winning, though they came second, but for them it was the thrill and excitement of competing and socialising with other children.

The children went on a field trip towards the end of March and spent a day at the Chipangali Wild Life Orphanage outside Bulawayo. It is a sanctuary for wild animals which have little hope of survival in the wild, and have been orphaned, abandoned and or injured.

The children were so excited to learn about wild life and also to see what the animals looked like in real life at close proximity. When they got back from their educational trip, they were given exercises to name the animals that they had seen and also to express these with drawings and colouring.

Kids Graduation 2017

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End of year Graduation: at the end of school year, in December, a graduation ceremony is organised for the children to have a sense of achievement when they move from Grade A to B and the B group moving on to Primary education. The certificates that they are given are recognised and accepted at the affiliated local primary school as part of their registration.  The parents and children take the achievements up to graduation seriously. The event became a talking point and the officer in charge of Pre-school Education from Emakhandeni Primary School and the local Town Councillor were invited also to present the certificates to the children.