Help Fund Us


We are looking for funding initially for the running of the school
– the rent
– paying the teachers
– supply of writing materials
– exercise books
– books for their little Library
– Sundries
– Technology equipment – a PC and a 2 Laptops
– educational toys for early learners
– court size mattresses or covers and bedding for the mattresses
– microwave
– Material for uniforms
–  2 additional tables and chairs
– Kids outings to the Museum and other places of learning interest
(This is the list to work on and see what would be feasible, and also would need to give figures for the monthly running costs)
Phase 2  (and hopefully the council rents out the land at the back) – would be to
Kit out the play area with a Swing and Slide
Phase 3 (Once the land is passed)
would be to raise funds to build a suitable school with proper facilities – and that would be aim.