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Though Dorcas endeavored to provide for the children as best as she could and also in accordance with educational and syllabus requirements, however this was done with a shortage of funds and resources.

How the School is currently equipped:

Once the new intake is completed, tables and chairs are required to equip the second classroom, and what is also needed are writing materials, exercise books and early learning teaching material.



A teacher will need to be appointed to teach Grade A. (All together there will be 2 teachers and an Assistant, who need to be paid each month during term time).

The Technology Corner: They only have a visual of how technology started, equipped with an old and broken type writer, old speakers, broken TV and bits, but without any live technology which is imperative for the children as they are the “Techno AGE” and should have hands on to learn how technology works as part of their education and lives.

A PC, Laptop and a Tablet – a connection to the internet is needed.

Technology Corner

Technology Corner

The Library corner: has no books and children need reading materials and to be inspired into reading and using their imagination. Early learning child development reading material is needed.


Book Area

Arts Corner:  they use yogurt containers and toothbrushes for painting.

The children need paints and brushes, colouring pencils, crayons, colouring books, drawing stencils, plain paper for drawing etc.

Crafts and culture: limited ready-made artifact – children need to be creative and be able to produce their own models.

Materials for children to do crafts and create their own designs.

Arts and Craft

Arts and Crafts

Drama Corner: a two-plate stove and a few materials. Materials are needed for the children to make their own costumes and props.

Drama Area

Drama Area

The Music corner: has just a drum and nothing else. Small musical instruments are needed, tambourines, recorders, etc.

Rest room: for the younger ones for their break nap has only sponge cot mattresses without covers and pillows, and old worn cot blankets.

Need adequate cot mattresses with covers and pillows / pillow cases.

Nap Area

Sleeping Area


Science and Nature Corner: items collected from their local nature outings:

Would need to do school trips to visit the museum, culture and craft centres, places of educational benefits and some field trips.

Indoor garden

Science and Nature Corner

The kitchen:  Though adequate for food preparation at the moment, the children’s breakfast and break time snacks, could do with a table to work from.

Needed ….. plastic tumblers, cutlery, a couple of pots and porridge bowls.



The Toilet: At the moment there is one toilet, the immediate solution is to put a toilet adapter for the children with a toilet step. However, the recommendation is to have boys and girls, which could be achieve by temporary partitioning of what was supposed to be a bathroom but is used as storage space, a temporary toilet can be fitted feeding into the main outlet.

Toilet adapter and step has been acquired pending fitting .



Land in the back yard: There is a piece of land in the backyard which Dorcas intended to apply for from the Council at a minimal rent, so that she could extend the play area for the children with a slide and a swing.  This would help as the numbers will grow in January for the children to have more play space outside. The potential to rent the land is being looked into.


End of year Graduation: at the end of school year, in December, a graduation ceremony is organized for the children to feel a sense of achievement when they move from Grade A to B and the B group moving on to Primary education and the certificates are recognized and accepted at the affiliated primary school as part of their registration.


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